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When it comes to finding medical marijuana (MMJ) doctors in Colorado Springs or Pueblo you can trust Dr. Bruce Reimers, and the helpful and professional staff at Medical Alternatives Clinic. At Medical Alternatives Clinic, our number one priority is helping patients achieve the highest level of wellness possible. If the physician you see determines you are a good candidate for treatment with medical marijuana, we will assist you in all aspects of state paperwork to obtain your Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry Card. Our dedicated and compassionate professionals will ensure that your health concerns regarding the use of medical marijuana are addressed, a treatment plan is devised, and you will leave the appointment educated about how to appreciate the most benefit from medical marijuana. Stop wondering how to get a medical cannabis card and come see Dr. Reimers today!

Medical marijuana is safe and effective, and we stand behind growing scientific evidence that supports its use as a medical alternative, especially for patients suffering from debilitating and chronic conditions. We know it can be difficult to find consistent and reliable professional medical marijuana doctors in Colorado Springs and Pueblo. Our clinic is owned and operated by a local physician who has practiced medicine in Colorado Springs since 1975. Our friendly and knowledgeable MMJ doctors and staff will help to get you the proper evaluation to receive your medical marijuana card. We will provide information about Colorado state laws and regulations for MMJ, providing you the tools and guidance you need in order to obtain a Colorado Medical Marijuana license.

At Medical Alternatives Clinic, we strive to make the process of applying for the Colorado State Medical Marijuana Registry as affordable, informative, and pleasant as possible. Bruce Reimers, MD, our highly qualified local physician, will assist you by devising a personalized treatment plan if Medical Marijuana (MMJ) is deemed to be helpful for you. During your visit to the clinic, we will provide you with all state required paperwork. This includes the pre-addressed envelope for sending forms, and for your convenience, as well as a free onsite notary to complete your application. Colorado law mandates the clinic cannot mail your application. We highly recommend you send your application via certified, return receipt requested mail. Whether you’re registering for the first time or applying for renewal, Colorado MMJ rules are constantly changing and our staff stays current on the rules and regulations.

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Medical Alternatives Clinics promises to present you with the best options for improving your health and quality of life with MMJ.

As one of the best medical marijuana doctors Colorado Springs and Pueblo have to offer, Dr. Reimers believes continuity of care is important. Follow up visits and phone calls are encouraged to promote adjustment to your treatment plan as needed.

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How we can help you get your Medical Cannabis License at Medical Alternatives Clinic if you qualify:

We strive to make it easy to get your first or renewal license!

1 Call (719) 246-0393 or use our online calendar to schedule your appointment today. Renewal patients should plan to be seen within 60 days of card expiration to ensure receipt of your new card prior to expiration of your current license.

2 Please bring with you:
   1. CASH for your physician examination fee
   2. The money order for $15.00 for the state registry processing fee.
   3. Completed Patient Forms

3 One of our physicians will examine you.

4 We assist you with all aspects of your state application, including providing a pre-addressed envelope to the state registry for ease of mailing. We will notarize your application at no charge.

5 You will need to mail your application to the state via certified mail, return receipt requested.

6 We provide you with a copy of your paperwork for your records.

7Schedule your appointment for your renewal.