From Mary Jane to MMJ- Overcoming the Stigma of Medical Marijuana

By: med_admin Published: January 21, 2014

Medical marijuana use has become increasingly more popular and accepted among the general public, but the use of med weed continues to be viewed as a socially awkward activity in some respects. However, MMJ has helped thousands of patients relieve the pain associated with chronic disease such as HIV/AIDS, glaucoma, seizures and cancer. So, with that being said, for those patients who have benefited from the effects of MMJ, stigma should be a non-issue.

Finding the most reliable and confidential medical alternatives doctors in Colorado Springs is the first step in helping relieve these symptoms and enjoying the quality of life. There are many doctors in the area who help patients with MMJ, but Medical Alternatives Clinic and Dr. Reimers provide patients with a professional atmosphere. Dr. Reimers has practiced medicine for over 40 years and makes his patients feel comfortable about discussing MMJ and its benefits without the stigma.

According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment since Amendment 20 passed in 2001, there’ve been over 100,000 patients prescribed MMJ and receive thousands of new patients applications each month.

As states across the Nation begin to follow suite with Colorado and consider their own legislation of marijuana, Coloradans push forward with their own way of regulating marijuana use- medical and now, recreational, the stigma of its use remains high.

Understanding how the use of MMJ is perceived by others is currently being studied by the National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health to develop strategies aimed at reducing such stigmas. Because, eliminating the stigma will open the door for others who, if prescribed MMJ, can help bring peace to their ails so that they may lead productive lives.

The information related in this piece is available by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment at and the National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health at .

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