How to create an account and register with the Medical Marijuana Registry

By: Admin Published: October 29, 2018

Below are the steps to create an account and register with the Medical Marijuana Registry in order to obtain a Medical Marijuana Card (Red Card) online:

1. First step is to go to the Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry home page:

2. Click on “Patient and Physician Registration”



3. Enter your First and Last Name, email address, create a Username, and then click “Register”



4. After you click “Register”, you will receive an email with a temporary password (code). Go to your email and copy the code.


5.Copy the code by selecting it and hitting Ctrl+C. Then click on “Click here”



6. Enter your Username and paste in the code from the email (hit Ctrl+V)



7. Enter your code again, and then create a NEW password



8. Once logged into your account, you can now start the application process.



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